As the excellent ongoing radio voice of the Chicago Cubs, Pat Hughes has a deep and expert appreciation of the craft of baseball broadcasting…Who better then, to compile this valuable and truly enjoyable archive?

—Bob Costas


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Get our brand new Bob Costas tribute CD bundled with some of your favorite announcers for only $50 The St. Louis fan package deal: Bob Costas + Jack Buck + Harry Caray: Order now The San Francisco fan package deal: Bob Costas + Jon Miller + Russ Hodges/Lon Simmons: Order Now! The New York fan…

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Bob Costas

It’s a given that Bob Costas is a great Baseball Announcer. But, beyond that, if you ask, “who is a better broadcaster in American history than Bob Costas?”… well, I can’t think of anyone…sports, news, entertainment, whatever! This 2-CD set attempts to capture his immense talent and the wide variety of areas in which he…

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Jon Miller

Jon Miller is a broadcaster I truly admire—what a talent! He has it all. A tremendous baritone voice which he uses artistically—both as a play-by-play man and a spot-on impressionist of other voices. You will hear plenty of his impersonations on this CD, which are both impressive and hilarious. Jon loves baseball, and possesses an…

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