Pat Hughes is an excellent play-by-play announcer...his new Hall of Fame series, 'Baseball Voices', saluting among others Harry Caray and Jack Buck, adds a new dimension to his impressive career.

—Curt Smith (America's foremost baseball broadcast historian)

These are great programs! I love listening to them!

—Ernie Harwell


—Chicago Tribune

Splendid…Highly entertaining.

—Chicago Sun-Times

Masterful…These CDs are winners!

—St. Louis Post-Dispatch

I was really impressed with it…I'm very honored by it.

—Harry Kalas

He has stuff on there that I've never heard.

—Marty Brennaman

Pat Hughes
Pat Hughes

The Baseball Hall of Fame broadcasters are a group I greatly admire.

Growing up in Northern California, I was raised on the voices of the San Francisco Giants, Russ Hodges and Lon Simmons. At night, I could tune in to the amazing Vin Scully from Los Angeles.

Since my parents both had Missouri roots, on vacations to their childhood homes, I could listen to the compelling St. Louis Cardinals announcers, Harry Caray and Jack Buck.

I am certain that Hall of Famers like Vinny, Harry, Jack, Russ and Lon inspired me to get interested in baseball announcing.

This series pays tribute to these all-time greats, with Harry Caray and Jack Buck as my first two efforts. These CDs include many of my favorite things: Baseball, Broadcasting, History, Highlights, Humor, Storytelling, Vocabulary and Music. While each CD required an enormous amount of work, it was truly a labor of love.

I produce each one with the intention of having the listener enjoy the recording over and over. For example, if you were a Jack Buck fan, I want you to enjoy his memorable calls of "Go crazy, folks - Go crazy!" and "I don't believe what I just saw" again and again…and I want you to smile fondly as you hear his humorous speeches or his visit with Ron Santo and me in the Chicago Cubs WGN radio booth in 2001.

I loved these guys, and if you did, too, I want you to be able to listen to them and enjoy them - forever!

Thanks again!

Best wishes,
Pat Hughes
September, 2006